House Competition Winners 2019-20

Maths House Competion:

Well done to everyone who took part in the April House Competition run by Maths! We know it looked confusing to begin with, but for those who persevered and did a bit of research you were successful in deciphering the questions! It was great to hear how many of you got the whole family involved too! There were 7 ciphers to work on, each was a question which you then needed to answer…


  • A third of all entries had 7 out of 7 correct answers!
  • The first to submit their entry was Caspian Quinn-Erith 11L PEGASUS.
  • The year group with the most entries was Year 7!
  • The first to get 7/7 correct in:
    • Year 7: Isaac Medlen 7L PEGASUS
    • Year 8: Aimee Roobottom 8L CENTAUR
    • Year 9: Lilly Kaeske 9S PEGASUS
  • The House with most entries was PEGASUS!
  • The House with the most correct entries was PEGASUS, with PHOENIX as a close second!
  • Staff entries – well done to Mr Aird and Mr Morgan for getting 7 out of 7!

Lots of house points have been awarded, including to everyone who took part. Well done everyone! We hope you enjoyed it!


Maths House Competition April 2020


(Question 1 was a straightforward a=1, b=2, c=3 etc. The image on the colourful sheet will have helped with this.)

Question one: How many classrooms in the maths block? (Answer = 8)

(Question 2 is something called a pig pen cipher – google it to learn more!)

Question two: How many floodlight posts are there around the astro? (Answer = 6)

(Question 3 was a Caesar Shift. Instead of a=a, all letters had been moved along 3… so a=d, b=e, c=f etc.)

Question three: You need to know what shape the reception building is. How many sides does this shape have? (clue: look at google maps to see the shape clearly!) (Answer = 8)

(Question 4 used Semaphore, a way of communicating using flags.)

Question four: In what year was the sixth form building opened? (Answer = 1973)

(Question 5 used Morse Code.)

Question five: How many lines of symmetry does the plan view of the maths block have? (Answer = 1)

(Question 6 used Binary – well done to those of you who figured this out!)

Question six: How many sectors make up the circle in the middle of the quad? (Answer = 8)

(Question 7 used a Tap code. It looks similar to Morse but isn’t quite the same.)

Question seven: What is the sum of the first six answers plus forty thousand and sixteen? (8+6+8+1973+1+8+40016=42020)


Well done to those of you who noticed something special about the final answer to the April House Competition of 2020… 42020 > 4/2020 > April 2020!



PSHE Hate Crime Competition:

The theme this year was 'Stand Together', Y8 were delivered a Hate Crime Workshop by PC Geoff Turner-Moore and were reminded how important it is to choose our words carefully, be kind and to recognise that our differences should be embraced. 

Not only have we asked students to think about the use of hate language and their actions, we also asked them to think about countries that have suffered from Genocide and how we can stop division. 2020 also commemorates 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz.

Our entries will go with other Cornish Schools to Truro Cathedral for National Holocaust Day on the 27th January.

We have been so impressed by the quality of the 2019/2020 PSHE House Competition Entries, and the competition was so tight that Mr Lingard had to add his own category.

We look forward to sharing these entries with the public who will have the opportunity to vote on their favourite at Truro Cathedral at the end of January for National Holocaust Day.

Our School Winners will be awarded 300 House Points each, and all entries will be awarded 20 house points.


PSHE House Comp


 Winners Art  Winners Short Story  Winners Photography  

Highly Commended

 Paige Udy, 7I - Centaur  Alicia Collison, 7K - Phoenix  George Ellis, 7K - Phoenix  Connie Frith, 9K - Centaur
 Ela Napruseweska, 7K - Phoenix  Jasmine Lang, 7E - Pegasus  Emma Stratford, 7I - Centaur  Luisa Gould, 9S - Pegasus
 Bailey Kent, 7S - Phoenix  Sierra Jones, 7I - Centaur  Thomas Urie, 7S - Phoenix  Grace Dunn, 7I - Centaur


IMG 5608



Modern Foreign Languages House Competition October 2019:

An excellent standard of work was submitted by students. Their original work includes descriptions, paragraphs, advice to help the environment. 

Well done and thank you for the huge effort!

Overall Winner - Abbie Jones, 9R, Phoenix

Runners Up - Marnie Williams, 7R, Griffin, George Wood, 7S, Phoenix, Francesca Harding, 7K, Phoenix, Amy Crabb, 9R, Centaur

Modern Foreign Languages House Competition October 2019 2



Currently Running - Twenty20 Take 2 - Reading Challenge

Reading 2020 Challenge T2 002


Art House Competition

Illuminate the first letter of your favourite department.

An illuminated letter was usually the first letter of a page or paragraph. It was always enlarged and usually in color with gold applied in areas, while the rest of the text remained black. The images used to enhance the letters often included animals, plants, and mythological creatures.


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