There are a number of resources and revision websites on the left sidebar of this page entitled 'Useful Exam Information' and 'Useful Exam Websites.'

The Exams

In the Days Leading up to the Exams

  • Find out exactly when, where and how long each exam is
  • Find out which topics are covered in each paper (some subjects have 2 papers)
  • Find out whether any of your exams clash and which is the longest paper
  • Check that you have everything you need – pens, pencils, calculator, prescribed texts

Make Sure You Are Ready On The Day

You Will Need:

  • A couple of pens and sharpened pencils, an eraser and a ruler
  • Check with your teacher if you need a calculator or a protractor

Don’t Forget:

you can make notes or practise calculations on the question paper!

You don’t need scrap paper.

Avoiding Common Exam Mistakes

  • Read the question correctly so you don’t miss the point
  • Check how many marks are given for each question and write enough but not too much
  • Look at tables, graphs, drawings and photographs very carefully so you don’t miss anything
  • Use the correct words and try to spell them properly
  • Answer the question don’t just repeat it

Brain Food

Just as an athlete needs to follow a regime to reach their peak fitness, your brain also needs a regime to reach its full potential!

  • Plenty of sleep

Your brain needs time to sort out the information it has come across during the day

  • Drink lots of water

The brain is made mostly of water and dehydration will lead to headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration.

  • Eat a balanced diet

The brain needs a balanced diet so eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, ‘brain food’.

  • Exercise your body

The brain uses 20% of oxygen in the blood so you need to think about your posture and exercise to make sure your body gets enough.

  •  Exercise your mind

The brain is like a muscle which strengthens with exercise and you need to ‘work out’ to get brighter. Revision, practising exam papers and putting in real effort grows connections in your brain which make you smarter.

  • Avoid too much….

Chocolate, cola, caffeine and foods with lots of additives – these substances interfere with the way your brain functions.



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