The School aims to care for the welfare of each individual pupil in order to enable them to take full advantage of what the school has to offer and to fulfill their potential. This demands the full co-operation of pupil and parent. We have a Home School Agreement which is signed by all pupils and their parents/carers and the respective tutors in Years 7 to 11. A copy of this document is in the Student Planner and can also be downloaded HERE.



We believe in rewarding and praising pupils for their efforts, hard work, community service and achievements through verbal and written praise. This is reinforced by a merit system linked to postcards sent home in the post to enable parents to share in the recognition of their child’s endeavours as well as a Leadership Awards system.                                                        

Year 11 Records of Achievement are presented formally in the summer at a ceremony to which parents are invited.

There is a prestigious annual Awards Evening in July for the whole school and celebratory assemblies held at the end of term for each year group.
Students of the Week are recognised by various subjects and each year group.
The Headteacher selects a Student of the Month from all those who are nominated by staff.
Students with the most merits each month, as well as the Student of the Month, appear in the monthly issue of The Reflection.
Attendance certificates and letters are awarded to students whose attendance is 98% or above.
Top 30 merit achievers and top 30 Progress Checks will have a letter sent home noting their achievements.



We expect sensible, considerate and co-operative behaviour from all pupils, together with an adherence to school rules and regulations. Good manners, including respect for adults and for each other are given a high priority. There are clear sanctions for failure to meet these standards. Parents will normally be kept informed and asked for their support.

Misbehaviour in a lesson may lead to removal to another class in that department. This is known as department time out. Where pupils need considerable help with their behaviour they may be assigned for a while to our Learning Support Department for some or all of their lessons. Here under the leadership of senior support staff, a range of work will be carried out designed to lead to effective reintegration into the full timetable.

In difficult cases, a pupil may be internally excluded, ‘fixed term’ excluded or permanently excluded. Any pupil attempting to sell or distribute drugs for example would, in all likelihood, be excluded permanently. Our intention is to make sure that all pupils are safe and secure and able to carry on their learning without undue distraction.

When a pupil damages property, whether public or private, we expect that damage to be paid for in whole or in part by the person responsible. On school buses, pupils are to sit quietly in their allotted seats and wear seat belts. School rules apply on the journey from and to home and on all school visits.

The following are forbidden:

  • Smoking in school and on the way to and from school, whether on buses or not.
  • The use of language which could be offensive to others.
  • Gambling of any sort
  • Illegal substances, cigarettes, matches, lighters, fireworks or any other means of making fire/smoke.
  • Chewing gum
  • Knives and offensive weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Electronic Cigarettes


The following are encouraged - Helping other pupils. Raising funds for charity for local, national and international causes. Joining the School Council. Drinking water regularly. Smiling and being pleasant and polite. Saying thank you…. and so on.

Visit the Policies page to view the Behaviour for Learning Policy.



Visit the Policies page to view the Anti Bullying Policy.

Every pupil in Liskeard School has the right to enjoy learning and leisure, free from intimidation both in school and the surrounding community.

Our school community will not tolerate any unkind actions or remarks, even if these were not intended to hurt. Any deliberate unkind action or comment will be called bullying.

Our School Council use the phrase: ‘One voice speaks volumes.’ Bullying is too important not to report. We support each other by reporting all instances of bullying.

Confidentiality will be kept whenever possible.

All incidents of bullying including racial and homophobic abuse will be followed up.

Please visit the Policies page for a full list of the school's policies.


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Head Teacher: Mr Alex Lingard

Liskeard School & Community College
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