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If you love problem solving and learning new techniques to help you solve those problems, then you should consider studying Maths A level. Maths is a popular A level and plays an integral part of many careers. Maths can provide numerous opportunities both academically and career-wise. As technology develops, so too does mathematics, enabling inventions and scientific discoveries to continue to flourish. By studying maths at A level you will have the opportunity to forge a career that’s at the forefront of technological advancement and will develop several skills such as problem solving, analytical skills, research skills, logic. All of these can be applied to many different aspects of life and will help you in further study or future careers.

Both the maths and further maths courses are made up of pure content that you will have seen before such as proof, trigonometry, sequences and series, as well as entirely new content such as exponentials and logarithms, differentiation and integration. There are also statistical elements, some of which are linked to a ‘Large Data Set’ on vehicles, as well as mechanics, looking at content such as kinematics and moments.
Further Maths is an additional course, to be taken alongside maths. In this you will learn about complex numbers, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions, momentum and collisions and so much more


Maths A-Level: three 2 hour exams (100 marks each)
Paper 1 – pure only
Paper 2 – pure and mechanics
Paper 3 – pure and statistics

Further Maths A-Level: three 2 hour exams (100 marks each)
Paper 1 – pure only
Paper 2 – pure only
Paper 3 – mechanics and statistics

Entry Requirements

Maths A level: grade 6 at GCSE mathematics
Further Maths A level: grade 7 at GCSE mathematics.
To study further maths you must also study maths at A level.

Careers & Higher Education

Maths and further maths are two of the Russell Group universities’ ‘facilitating’ subjects; so called as they allow you to choose from a wide range of options of subjects to study at degree level. For those of you who are considering studying mathematics, physics and engineering degrees, further maths A level is seen as highly desirable by top universities, with some stating it as an essential entry requirement.

Maths skills are also a requirement for a wide range of careers such as in finance, science and IT. The skills you learn through maths also open up opportunities in architecture, research, teaching, games development, and many more as it’s such a versatile subject.

Further Advice & Information

Mrs Ayres – Head of Department

Mr Laycock – Second in Department




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