The Football Academy has gone from strength to strength this year. The students involved have been a credit to themselves as they have had the thirst to learn and as a result each individual has improved their performances by a significant amount. For instance, at the start of the season our players did not appear comfortable on the ball and when the opposition applied a little bit of it would result in them kicking the ball aimlessly and more often than not it went out of touch. However, they showed the desire to improve and we are delighted with how they have progressed.

The first block of training sessions focused on teaching our players how to deal with the ball in all areas of the pitch and how to play through the thirds of the pitch effectively. Playing from the back was encouraged at all times and I provided them with five different ways to focus on.

Individuals were provided with interventions as well to improve their own performance. The training sessions were extremely demanding as we wanted to create a culture of excellence and it did take time for some of our students to get used to this. The players were encouraged to be the best they can be every session and game to give themselves and their teammates the best possible chance of improving their performances. Every session we noticed an improvement as the players’ attitude and application towards training improved significantly. Moreover, they started to ‘buy’ into the philosophy of keeping purposeful possession and playing through the thirds of the pitch with an element of surprise.

At the start of the season our team lost the majority of the games played. However, Nathan and I were delighted in how they were showing for the ball and being brave in possession. There were times they tried playing the way we wanted them to but it led to them making a mistake and the opposition scoring a goal. However, they continued to persevere and after the Christmas break they did not lose a game. Furthermore, our Academy played an attractive brand of football and many of the opposition coaches commented on how it’s the best football they have seen played against them.

The last game of the season was a tense encounter. We had to win the game to win the league and the fixture was against Helston School who were top of the league for most of the season. Not only did our Academy win the game but they won it with style. The result was a 2 – 0 win and it would have been interesting if there was a statistician at the game recording the possession and shots at goal as we must have had 70% possession and created a considerable number of chances. Our students controlled the tempo of the game and in the end we won quite comfortably against one of the strongest sides we have played against.

We are immensely proud of our Academy players’ achievements this year and we will strive to build upon their success. There are exciting times ahead for the Football Academy and we are already planning on creating a number of opportunities for our students.

“At the beginning of the year the team did not perform as a unit and could not get the results that we wanted. But slowly throughout the year we learnt a new style of play and started to perform a lot better. We eventually won the league in the final game of the season”. Cian Clarkson, Football Academy student

Goal Scorers

  1. Matt Pascoe: 5 goals
  2. Cian Clarkson: 3 goals
  3. Blake Penhaligan: 3 goals
  4. Adam Gregory: 2 goals
  5. Dylan Thompson: 1 goal
  6. Jack Quaintance: 1 goal
  7. Ryan Harris: 1 goal
  8. Kevin Bunkham: 1 goal


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