Class 8A recently played host to visitors from the charity Christian Aid. Amongst them were Chris Jadav, the regional co-ordinator for Christian Aid, the Bishop of St Germans Christopher Goldsmith, and Sarjon Toma, a colleague of Christian Aid from one of their partner charities in Iraq.

Their visit was aimed at creating awareness of the consequences of conflict, in particular the loss of homes, and what it means to rebuild those homes.


Brave volunteer Luke Marriott was challenged by Bishop Chris to identify a variety of mystery objects whilst blindfolded. Rising to the challenge he used his sense of touch, smell and sound to establish that the mystery objects included a sleeping bag, bottled water, toothpaste and soap – all objects that Bishop Chris revealed as essential items provided by Christian Aid to those people displaced from their homes by war. These simple items that perhaps we take for granted can help displaced people fight cold and disease.

Next, students listened to Sarjon talking about his experience of living in Iraq and the work that his charity REACH carried out in partnership with Christian Aid. He gave the example of a dam that was built to provide water for villagers in Northern Iraq where they had suffered from severe drought. Students were also impressed by the number of languages that Sarjon spoke and made excellent efforts to learn the greetings in Arabic that he taught them.

The class were then asked to imagine that they were part of a family displaced during the violence in Sudan, returning home after several years of living away from their homeland. The journey that we visualised was tough, and when we eventually arrived in Apada there were no shops, houses or schools, just one road. We had no possessions and had lost friends along the way, but we had returned home.

Students commented: β€˜It has touched me hearing the stories of those who are less fortunate and very unlucky. But it was good to hear that things get better.’ To illustrate this we finished the session by creating a pop up village with each pupil building a paper version of a South Sudanese home. Students really enjoyed having visitors with different experiences coming into their RE lessons and we look forward to inviting Christian Aid back next year.

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