Science Show 2014 was another action packed two hour roller coaster ride into the science world of fun belonging to Mr Granville West and Mr Inger. All new awe inspiring experiments were shown to a packed house which built on the spectacle of last year’s show.

The show opened with a dramatic demonstration originally carried out by famous scientist Ira Remsen whereby a toxic gas was neutralised into a beautiful aqua marine blue solution, displaying a vast array of chemistry and providing the inspiration for Ira to pursue a career in research chemistry.

This year’s injection of cold was provided by some dry ice and plenty of bubble fun, with audience members having the chance to experience -110oC. Corn flour monsters and a wall of flame provided a visual demonstration of how sound affects different materials. Giant foaming flasks called the elephants’ toothpaste showed how catalysts can speed up chemical reactions to great effect.

Mr Lingard found out no-one is safe from assisting in an experiment, when he had a 14kg bowling ball swung at his face in a giant pendulum demonstration. Following him was a very brave young man of five or six years old who wanted to experience the same thrill – the bowling ball was bigger than his head!

One of the many highlights of the evening was a giant wave pendulum set to music in a blacked out room, illuminated by UV lights – a mesmerising spectacle of fourteen bobs swinging in and out of different patterns. It had to be experienced to fully appreciate it – you’ll have to come next year!

It didn’t stop there - liquid nitrogen ice cream, blowing up nappy bags, fire tornados, ethanol rockets, it was a relentless science adventure. Another awe inspiring demonstration was the crushing of a large 220 litre steel barrel using nothing but the pressure of air – yes just air! The evening came to a climactic end with Jerry lee Lewis’s Great Balls of Fire, which culminated in Mr Granville-West and Mr Inger trying to ignite each other with blow torches.

Another year where science ‘know how’ was turned into science ‘show how’ – and with a good measure of comedy to make for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. If you missed it you’ll have to be quicker next year.








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