Amnesty International is a world-wide organisation that advocates for human rights and defends against oppression. They have a head office in the UK and was founded by Peter Benenson a British lawyer who wrote an article for the observer called “the forgotten prisoners” about two Portuguese students who gave a toast to freedom and so Amnesty International was born.

It was founded in July of 1961 in London and expanded to have huge impact all over the world, they support activists of all ages, genders, religions and ethnicities to make real change. On their website they have a tab for donations with varying different options for how much you want to donate, what specifically you want your money to do for example:

  • Help get media attention to human rights issues
  • Help fund vital support for those whose rights are denied
  • Help put pressure on our leaders to take action
  • Help collect evidence and investigate human rights crimes

The organisation does not accept any donations from political organisations or politicians or corporations as they are by the people for the people and therefore, they want to prevent these negative powers from having any leverage on what they can do.

They have several different campaigns such a women’s rights, indigenous justice, climate justice and protect protest. The protect protest campaign which is enables protesters to protest and to do it safely, the government and organisations with very deep pockets are trying to take away our right to protest and advocate for our personal convictions. A quote from their website is “without the right to protest, the world would be a very different place”. They also have an article detailing death threats sent to a woman called Jani who was threatened for protecting the Amazon Rainforest, Amnesty is calling for the president of Colombia to create a protection plan for her.

They are advocating for wrongfully imprisoned people whom were arrested for exercising their right to freedom of speech, like journalist Khaled Drareni sentenced to three years in prison for covering the Algerian protests.  Three protesters were assigned the death sentence in Iran “Amirhossein Moradi, Mohammad Rajabi and Saeed Tamjidi were sentenced to death in connection with the nationwide protests that took place in November 2019. Iran’s judiciary spokesperson accused them of being “riot leaders”.  Amnesty is trying to free them with letters to Iranian government members and petitions in order to secure the right to peaceful protest. Whilst in custody the three men were beaten and tortured for confessions, the confession acquired under torture were then passed in court to wrongfully convict all three.

Another goal Amnesty International has is to end the death penalty worldwide, 90% of all executions in 2019 happened in just four countries Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt. The organisation is calling for all executions to be halted as the death penalty is murder as well as all death sentences being transferred to prison sentences.

They offer an activism planner for anyone getting started with a calendar, protest advice and webinars to watch and participate in to share opinions and thoughts on recent human rights issues. In addition, they have a page called activist resources which is articles organised by genre and country that are fact checked and specific with well organised data to help activists and protesters alike to create events tailored to the issue they’re in aid of.

In conclusion Amnesty International is created by the people for the people and the rights of ALL people.


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