History remains one of the most respected, valued, flexible, useful, thought providing and inspiring ‘A’ Level subjects available. It’s about people and understanding how and why they acted in the past. It’s about understanding how the world in which we live came to be as it is and therefore will help us work out how, by building on this understanding, we can advance into the future and tackle what can and should be. History is as wide–ranging as life itself is - after all, every subject has its history, and anything can be used as historical evidence!

History is full of transferable skills, including all the ‘Key Skills’, but above all it’s a subject which develops a critical attitude towards evidence and problems by constantly asking the key question ‘why?’. It also emphasises communication: lessons will give you confidence to discuss, make presentations, read constructively and extract information and ideas and present your knowledge and ideas in writing (short and extended) and through other media. There is simply no reason why History should be any more difficult to do well in than any other subject, as long as you are motivated and prepared to make the effort. Lessons will be varied! We will help you to develop the skills you need. We will expect you to work co–operatively as part of a group and be prepared to contribute but we will help you build up the confidence to do this through a range of activities.



A Grade B is required at GCSE.



Examination Board: OCR Specification History A (H506)

The AS course in Year 12 covers

1. Russia 1894-1941: From Autocracy to Communism.
In this Unit students study the key issues in Russia from 1894-1941 including the troubled reign of Nicholas II, the two revolutions in 1917, Lenin and Stalin’s rise and consolidation of power. This unit is assessed in a 90 minute exam worth 25% of the A level qualification.

2. The age of Gladstone and Disraeli 1865-86 This unit looks at two iconic political figures and considers social reforms, political developments, the issue of Ireland and foreign and imperial policies. It is assessed by a 90- minute exam and has a two part document question that requires students to use sources and their own knowledge, the Unit is worth 25% of the A level.

The A Level in Year 13 covers:
3. Britain and Ireland 1798 - 1921. This theme focuses on the relationship between mainland Britain and Ireland during this period, and how far, and for what reasons this relationship has changed. The emphasis is on developing a broad overview of the period to allow students to demonstrate breadth of historical understanding. This Unit is assessed by a 2 hour exam, and makes up the final 30% of the A level qualification.

4. Historical Interpretations and Investigations based on The Cold War 1941-1956. This is a coursework Unit with two 2000 word pieces. One focusing on Interpretation and one focusing on Investigations. Students are given a particular historical problem that they critically investigate in two ways. Each extended essay is worth the same amount of marks and together they make up 20% of the A level.Please note that there will be some changes made once the new curriculum and syllabus have been confirmed which will enhance the already excellent course.



History provides an excellent basis for training for a huge range of career opportunities, from marketing to media, politics to business, leisure industry to journalism, teaching to law - and masses more!



2014 A2: Outstanding results with 100 A*-C and 83% A-B

2014 AS: 100% pass and 93% A-C



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