A Guide to School Uniform: What You Can Wear and Cannot Wear

School uniform is required of all students in Years 7 to 11. We have a simple, smart, practical uniform.

Students are expected to take pride in their appearance and to represent themselves and the school well in public. Hair must be styled so that it does not interfere with work. If hair is dyed it must be of one natural hair colour with no shaved sections. Extreme hairstyle fashions are not allowed. Make up and jewellery are not allowed except for one pair of small stud earrings, worn one stud in each ear lobe. Other facial or body piercing is not allowed. Extremes of fashion must be avoided. We try to make sure that school dress does not become a distraction so that we can all concentrate on learning and teaching. Where pupils do not adhere to the dress code, they will be asked to amend their dress and may be sent home to do so. Sixth form students are not required to wear uniform but they should dress in a sensible manner appropriate to effective study and to life in a school where other students are wearing uniform.

Students from years 7 to 11

A. Day wear
Pale blue school shirt (long or short sleeved)
Black blazer with black buttons
Black V-neck jumper to be worn under the blazer in winter (optional)
School tie with school logo: red for Years 7-10; blue for Year 11
Black skirt (knee length) or black school trousers (full length) not made of tight or
clingy material
Black or white socks or black tights
Flat, black shoes (no trainers, no boots and no pumps)
An outdoor coat to be worn over the blazer (not a hoody)
Team Liskeard Badge

B. PE kit (all with school logo)
LSCC T shirt
LSCC Rugby top (boys)
LSCC Fleece (girls)
LSCC Black shorts
LSCC Football socks
Training shoes (non marking soles)
Football boots (for both boys and girls)
Shin pads
One piece swimwear (Years 7 and 10 only)

C. Optional Extra
LSCC Base layer (black)
LSCC Rugby top (girls)
LSCC Fleece
LSCC windbreaker
LSCC track pants
Gum shield

D. Notes
1. Please ensure that all clothing is named. Initials should be embroidered onto PE shirts and
shorts. Iron-on tags soon become loose (please sew them on). Names marked in biro do
not work.
2. Hoodies are not allowed. Coats with inappropriate logos are not allowed.
3. Extremes of fashion are not allowed (including backless sandals, platform or stiletto heels,
boots or trainers, bright hair bands and belts).
4. Baseball caps are not allowed. Cricket style hats are allowed on very sunny days.
5. For any enquiries on an individual basis, please refer to the Head of Year.


Essential Equipment

Every day students must bring to school:

  • 2 black pens
  • Purple ‘DIT’ pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Calculator
  • Planner
  • Earphones (for use in language IT lessons)
  • Green and Yellow Highlighters



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