15th November 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

Safeguarding – Protecting Your Child from Harm


Below is some information about a few things we have in place with regards to protecting your child.

  1. We have introduced a new key card security system. This means almost all of the external doors cannot be accessed from the outside unless the person entering has a key card. Key cards have been issued to school staff and sixth form students only. In the event of a fire alarm, the doors automatically unlock allowing staff and students to move freely to the evacuation area.
  1. We have improved the fencing around the edge of the school site. Additional fencing and gated areas have been created to help prevent anyone getting on to the site. Whilst the site isn’t completely fenced off, it has helped improve security.
  1. We are introducing a new Lockdown Policy. Now that we have improved security on site, we have established a more up-to-date Lockdown Policy. This details what we would do in the unlikely event of a dangerous intruder on site or a serious environmental issue outside. This will come into effect this term and we will do a practice run before Christmas. In the unlikely event of a real lockdown, here is the official advice for parents:
  • We will send a text and/or email message to inform you of the situation.
  • You should not contact the school.
  • Students’ mobiles will be turned off.
  • You should not to come to the school for your own safety and to avoid any interference with any emergency services attending the incident.
  • You should wait until we contact you about how and when to collect your child.
  1. We have asked the Police Drugs Dog to visit. The school is a drug free zone and to ensure it remains so, the police are visiting to do a random drugs check across the school. We have done this a number of times over the last 5 years and there will be another visit this term.
  1. We are reminding students about what must never be brought into school. Although incidents are incredibly rare, we are reminding students that alcohol, smoking paraphernalia, aerosol cans, drugs and anything that could be classed as a dangerous weapon, e.g. craft knives, are obviously banned in school. Any incidents of these will be treated very seriously.
  1. We are continuing to promote safer online practice. Every term we email and upload to our website an e-safety newsletter for parents. If you’ve missed September’s edition, it can be found here:

  2. We are continuing to promote ‘healthy relationships’. In PSHE lessons, EPWV lessons and in assemblies we cover important topics, such as bullying, risk-taking, peer pressure and equality. This week, we have celebrated Anti-Bullying Week and are challenging all students to ‘unite against bullying’.

  3. We have trained up more staff as Child Protection Officers. It is important all students have a trusted adult in school who they can go to if they need help. Equally, we also need to have staff with additional training to ensure any child protection issues are addressed quickly and appropriately. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Roger Quaintance (Assistant Headteacher & Head of Additional Needs) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads include Wendy Birkbeck (Assistant Headteacher), Corinne Holroyd, Dionne Rodber and Carole Chapple.  Photos of these staff and where they can be found are displayed across the school.
  4. As well as the above, there are many other things we do to ensure students are safe in school and that they understand how to keep themselves safe outside of school. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours sincerely

    Alex Lingard

    Head Teacher


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