The Government has introduced a new GCSE accountability measure known as Progress 8 (P8). This is a score based on how well the students do in relation to what was expected of them in 8 of their subjects. (Expectations are based on prior attainment at the end of Year 6.) For example, if a student was expected to get 8 B grades at GCSE, but achieved 8 A grades, then they would receive a P8 score of +1 (1 grade better than expected on average). Likewise, if they achieved 8 C grades their score would be -1.

The 8 subjects that are used to calculate the P8 score are as follows:

  • English and maths GCSEs
  • 3 of the following GCSEs: Science (including Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & computer science), Spanish, French, History and Geography
  • Any other 3 subjects

 KS4 Results

* 20% of students didn’t meet the full P8 criteria as they joined the school late, e.g. in Year 11, or because it wasn’t in their best interest. Our P8 score for those meeting the full P8 criteria was +0.15. On the KS4 ALPS Report we were given a score of 3 (‘excellent’) for the progress students make in all their subjects. This puts us in the top 25% of schools nationally.

KS5 Results


School Prospectus

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